Show News: 09/29/00

September 29, 2000 

The Show Is Cranking Up BIG !

Greetings from Antique Weekend in Fayette County, Texas.  

We're one week away from the 'official' start of Fall Antique Weekend and already there are acres and acres of dealers setting up in halls and fields.  

Warrenton and nearby pastures are especially a buzz with activity.  Signs of activity are also evident in Round Top, less so in Shelby, Fayetteville and Carmine.  But don't let that fool you, there will be plenty of action everywhere soon enough.  

More than an estimated 200 dealers yesterday and today are emptying trucks and trailers into their spaces.  Many of the show food vendors are also in full swing feeding the early arrivals.  Texas dealers from places like Gatesville, Dallas, and Throckmorton are joined with others from Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan and California.  Some that we visited with have arrived with their first truck to set-up their store before more of their trucks arrive later next week.  

Most dealers will be open for business on Friday, October 6th and everyone with something to sell will be ready for you on Saturday and Sunday, October 7th & 8th.  

The variety of items is staggering.  From fireplace mantels to antique marbles, it's hard to imagine that whatever you're looking for isn't here somewhere. 

And the weather?  It's among some of the best Texas has to offer.  A clear blue sky, cool evenings and breezy warm days.  I hope it holds throughout the week. 

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