Show News: 10/07/01

October 7, 2001 

Last Day of the AntiqueWeekend is Perfect. 

Warrenton - October 7, 2001 - CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS

After a wet and windy start to the weekend, Sunday's weather just couldn't be any better!  It was clear and sunny all day with temperatures in the mid to high 70's.  WOW.  [weather]

Attendance today was disappointing to AntiqueWeekend dealers.  The good news was all for the buyers.  Very mild traffic, lots of parking (more than Saturday), light crowds and sellers wanting to make last day deals.  

While a lot of field dealers were anxious to move along after spending two weeks hawking their wares, we found some that wanted to capitalize on the great weather to make a few more sales before leaving.  Real bargain hunters can come out Monday and see who's left with goodies that they want to sell at a super discount.  If that's your Columbus Day plan drive the entire length of SH-237 from Carmine to Oldenburg then continue on towards LaGrange on SH-159 to check Oldenburg.  Even if you miss that special deal, you can get some special meals and enjoy shopping in Round Top and nearby Fayetteville.   [map] 

If you're hungry try one of our favorite restaurants like Royer's Round Top Cafe (on the square in Round Top), The Oaks (great ribs on SH-237 about 2-miles south of Warrenton), and Orsak's (on the square in Fayetteville, closes at 2pm on Mondays).  

We've added a few more photos that can be seen on[photos]  

Stay tuned to for all your Texas antique show schedules and news.  

Remember when you attend the shows that there's lots of great antiquing to be done in Fayette County.  Plan to spend several days during the shows and visit again during a weekend between shows to see all that this antiquing region has to offer and let be your official guide. 

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