Show News: 04/05/02

April 5, 2002 

Fantastic Friday. 

This is it. All shows are in full swing. Everyone's open. Shows start today, Saturday, and Sunday starting at 8am. Don't miss it!

Weather has continued to hold. So far there has been no rain. Friday and Saturday should be cloudy, cool and breezy. Sunday the forecast calls for possible rain and thunderstorms.

The fields, tents and halls are full of goodies. No shortage of dealers and vendors.

It's clear that this will be the biggest Texas Antique Weekend ever!

The wildflowers are just spectacular. Don't forget to look for them.


Be patient and slow down to local 'country time.' There's lots of traffic and almost everyone ahead of you is going the same place. It's also hard to drive by all this stuff without slowing down to look. And, of course, there are hundreds of people crossing the highway, some carrying bathtubs (really!).

If you don't like crowds visit the shows at Burton, Carmine, Shelby, Oldenburg, and Fayetteville. [see map]

Warrenton is located along SH-237 running roughly north (Round Top) and south (La Grange). Parking can be found at both ends of the mile long stretch of show grounds. Parking at the south end will cost you from $3 to $6. Parking at the north end is free!

Please don't park on the highway.

Hungry? You're best bet is to visit one of the food vendors associated with any of the shows. Leaving to go to your favorite restaurant might mean waiting an hour or more for a table.

The vast majority of shows close at dusk.

Friday and Saturday night the SPJST Show in Fayetteville will stay open until 10pm for those late bargains. To find this show see the map to get to Fayetteville, then find SH-159 (it goes by the Courthouse in the center of this tiny town). Take SH-159 north about a mile to the SPJST Hall on the left as you leave town.

If you come on Sunday, finish in Warrenton after the Round Top shows close at 4pm.

The Shelby Show will not be open Sunday.

Seems that it always rains at least one day each Antique Weekend. The vendors and dealers are prepared to do whatever they can to keep the rain from dampening their sales. Bring your rubber boots, umbrella and wallet because a little or even a lot of rain won't stop the Texas Antique Weekend.

Stay tuned to for all your Texas antique show schedules and news.

Remember when you attend the shows that there's lots of great antiquing to be done in Fayette County. Plan to spend several days during the shows and visit again during a weekend between shows to see all that this antiquing region has to offer and let be your official guide.

We look forward to seeing you at the Great Texas Antique Weekend.

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