Show News: 09/27/02

September 27, 2002 

Preview Weekend Begins. 


Preview weekend starts today, Friday, September 27th. Dozens of dealers will be selling right off their trucks in Warrenton. A few others would rather wait until they're set-up. In either case more than three-quarters of all the vendors in Warrenton will have their wares for sale Saturday, September 28th. Frankly there are more vendors here than you could expect to see in two days.

Preview weekend is not a dealer only event. Anyone can buy anything from any vendor who is open for business.

A tour of the fields last night (Thursday) showed us that nearly all the show tents are already up. Many early "showbirds" are completely setup. (A showbird is a vendor that flies from show to show with a camper, RV or bus.)

If you haven't been here for Preview Weekend before here are some tips. Most Round Top shows won't be open this first weekend. The best action can be found in and around Warrenton. Dozens of farms surrounding Warrenton will also have tables set-up in their yards with tons of real bargains. Please don't start before 8am, most vendors won't be ready to deal until 9am.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, you'll need them. There's no shuttle and no shortcuts.


Take a look at the map on our website. Warrenton is located on SH-237 between LaGrange (south) and Round Top (north). As a general guide parking at the south end of Warrenton is all paid, at the north end its free. Many shoppers will walk the entire length of shows (nearly a mile) during the course of the day. There's just no other way to see everything.


Looks like the weekend weather is going to be just terrific. Cool nights and warm day temperatures are expected and no rain is forecast for the weekend. Local weather has been wonderful. If you suffer from fall allergies however, bring your favorite medication because we've got lots of pollen in the air.

Stay tuned to for all your Texas antique show schedules and news.

Remember when you attend the shows that there's lots of great antiquing to be done in Fayette County. Plan to spend several days during the shows and visit again during a weekend between shows to see all that this antiquing region has to offer and let be your official guide.

We look forward to seeing you at the Great Texas Antique Weekend.

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