Show News: 10/02/02

October 2, 2002 

Are You Ready? 


Weather is the biggest unknown for the Texas Antique Weekend. Preview weekend was perfect, but this weekend may not be as wonderful. Already Hurricane Lili is pushing moisture well into Texas. Yesterday the Warrenton-Round Top area saw some scattered rain. It's dry now, but cloudy this morning with some fog. Current forecasts have us receiving more scatter rain tomorrow through Saturday with thunderstorms possible on Sunday. Of course with a hurricane in the Gulf our weather could turn nasty.

Those of you who have been here in October before already know that it seems to always rain at least one day of the big Texas Antique Weekend. The vendors and dealers are well prepared to deal with Texas weather and the show will go on rain or shine or mud or hurricane.

Bring your umbrella, poncho, rubber boots, and wallet - we're all waiting for you!


The fields and tents were still filling up with goodies Saturday and Sunday. No shortage of dealers and vendors here! Almost every field has expanded this year making everything bigger and better this show.

Now that we can see who's setting up, particularly in the expanded show sites, its clear that this will be the biggest Texas Antique Weekend ever! Over the years some new fields never attracted the buyers, and more importantly the sellers. However, the new sites opened last year and the last April show are closer to established sites and appear to be doing very well. Many of the established shows have expanded their venues. Perhaps one of the most notable is Emma Lee Turney's Big Red Barn that opened last year. Although it is eight miles north of Round Top (away from the other big shows) the Barn has been filled and successful from its first day. Emma Lee now has four sites with a combined total of more than 460 booths.

Trucks and trailers loaded with antiques and collectibles are still headed towards Carmine, Round Top, Warrenton, Oldenburg, Fayetteville, and Shelby. Now more than a thousand dealers are already here, setup and doing business.

The largest number of dealers will close for business sometime on Saturday October 5th, especially in Warrenton. Even so, there will be enough shows open on Sunday to keep any late arrivals busy all day. If you can't make it out before Sunday don't despair, come on out and look for the closing day bargains.


The state has been cracking down on roadside parking. It's illegal to park within ten-feet of the state highway anywhere. Really this is mostly a Warrenton problem. Please find one of the parking lots.

As a general guide parking at the south end of Warrenton is all paid, at the north end it's free. Parking at and around the Round Top, Shelby, Carmine and Fayetteville Shows will be free.


It's never been easier to get fed at the Texas Antique Weekend. The big indoor shows have always had food, but finding something to eat at the fields of Warrenton wasn't always easy. Those days are gone forever. There has never been so much food available, good food too! Everywhere you go you can find a snack or a meal. Several of the area restaurants have opened satellite restaurant operations in and around the field shows.


We have already started posting dozens of show photos on Take a look and you'll have an idea of what you'll find when you get here. [ photos ]

Stay tuned to for all your Texas antique show schedules and news.

Remember when you attend the shows that there's lots of great antiquing to be done in Fayette County. Plan to spend several days during the shows and visit again during a weekend between shows to see all that this antiquing region has to offer and let be your official guide.

We look forward to seeing you at the Great Texas Antique Weekend.

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