Trenton Times - August 21, 1958

This article appeared in the Trenton Times, August 21, 1958.


The huge boom plucked the big red siren from the ground lifted it 90 feet in the air like a toy and deposited it atop the tower just off King road west of Fort St. and Trenton's second tornado-air raid device was in place.

But the operation was a lot trickier than it appeared.  A lot of planning went into the operation performed by the Dunn & Shankus Co. of Trenton under the order of the Trenton Engineering Department last Thursday.

And there was a sizable crew on hand - on the ground and on top of the tower - to see that everything was right, company owners Chuck Dunn and Bill Shankus, and Clayton Montgomery, Jack Price, Donald Lee, Frank Porter and boom operator Bob McTavish.  Bruce Royer, of the city engineer's department was there.

A mate of the big siren is installed on the roof of the Chrysler Corp. Trenton plant, and between the two, plus smaller auxiliary units, they figure the whole town can be covered with sound to warn of tornadoes and air raids.

During the next few weeks, you'll be hearing the sirens as they are tested to see that full coverage of the city is a fact.

Up into the air atop the tower on King road just west of Fort street goes the big siren which will help warn city residents of approaching tornadoes or air raids.  When the tower is finished, there'll be a ladder along side for climbing up and down.

The big siren is shown on a truck bed for the sake of comparison of size.


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