Chrysler Air-Raid Siren Maintenance Manual

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Siren Serial No. ____________________________________

Date _____________________________________________

Location __________________________________________

The following routine checks should be made to assure peak efficiency and to guard against sabotage:

  1. Are there at least five gallons of gasoline in the fuel tank?
  2. Is engine oil at running level?
  3. Is fluid in radiator up to the filler neck?
  4. Is there sufficient anti-freeze solution in the cooling system to avoid freezing at-lowest contemplated temperature?
  5. Is there any loose material on ledge in front of siren intake?
  6. Did you run engine for five minutes at idling speed or, in freezing temperature, until normal operating temperature is reached?
  7. Is battery reading above 1.225?


  1. Is there any obstruction in the siren horns?
  2. Have the ignition wires been disconnected, short-circuited, or cut into?
  3. Is the fan belt cut or damaged?
  4. Has the turntable driving belt and chain been cut or damaged?
  5. Is the engine oil free from emery dust or abrasive?

REMARKS:  ____________________________________


Immediately upon taking over his watch, each operator should make the above inspections, inserting his initials in the space designated opposite each item.

INSPECTOR  ___________________________________

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