Chrysler Air-Raid Siren Maintenance Manual

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The warning signal consists of a variation in the tone of the Siren. This is produced by increasing the speed of the engine to 3000 R. P. M., or over, and decreasing the speed to 2600 R. P. M., as shown by the tachometer, completing the cycle in regular intervals of from 8 to 10 seconds.

When the tachometer is not visible, the required intervals can be regulated by counting at Army march time. With the engine speed at 3000 R. P. M., the speed will decrease to 2600 R. P. M. to the count of 4. To increase the speed to 3000 R. P. M., requires a count of 12.

To give the warning signal:

  1. Remove siren horn cover.
  2. Disconnect 110 volt electric line to cylinder water jacket heater and battery trickle charger at connection on siren.
  3. Turn ignition on. (Clutch must be engaged.)
  4. Press starter button on left side of instrument group. (Release when engine starts.)
  5. Increase engine speed to 3000 R. P. M. or over, by pulling throttle control button out to wide open position.
  6. Decrease engine speed to 2600 R. P. M. by pushing control button in.
  7. Continue to increase and decrease engine R. P. M., for the desired signal period.
  8. Reduce engine R. P. M. to idling speed.
  9. Turn ignition switch off.

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