Chrysler Air Raid Siren Maintenance Manual

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110 VOLT A.C.

The 110 Volt A.C. Circuit is connected to the Siren at the Turntable base junction box, hence to the two (2) upper rings of the Slip Ring unit, mounted on the top of the Turntable base, to the two (2) upper Slip Ring Brushes, to a Switch Box mounted on the left side of the Siren. There the circuit is divided. (Figure 3)

Through individual switches to two (2) Engine water heater units.

Through a switch to Battery box heater thermostatically controlled.

Through a switch to Battery trickle charger. To an outlet, to supply any need, such as an extension cord lamp.

Refer to Schematic Wiring Diagram (Figure 3).

[ Enlarge Siren Schematic Wiring Diagram ]

[ Photograph of Switch Box ]

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