First Model Chrysler Air Raid Siren - Photograph

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VICTORY SIREN nameplate - Circa 1950 model

We are told that this is one of four Chrysler sirens presented to the Chinese government by the United States government, reportedly in the 1940's. This siren photograph was taken in 2003 in Fujian Province, China. It is the first color photograph we have ever seen of the this Chrysler siren model. Two of the Chryslers remain intact and functioning today (2004). Both sirens may have been re-powered, the siren in the photograph clearly shows a modified exhaust system which is on the wrong side for the original Chrysler 140-HP straight 8-cylinder IND-9 engine. The other remaining siren is driven by a 55KW electric motor, likely a conversion. These are the only early Chrysler sirens know to exist anywhere in the world, and they are both in operating condition. We owe a debt to the Chinese government for taking such good care of our sirens.

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