Chrysler Air Raid Siren - Photograph

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A Chrysler Air Raid Siren atop a building in Rochester, New York.  January 1958.
Photograph from the Rochester Municipal Archives modern collection.

Caption: "A man examines a Chrysler air raid siren atop a city building in Rochester, N.Y. The multi-horned siren stands about 10 feet tall and is mounted to the corner of the building. This 185 horse-power siren is part of the city and Monroe County's civil defense warning system. The sirens are activated by the Fire Department."

Note that the clutch lever is in the forward disengaged position.  This siren has the 13-2 engine cowling.  There is a glass bottle and a 5-gallon jerry can next to the roof parapet at the far right side with a flexible metal fill nozzle through the handles. Two conduits can be seen in front of the turntable exiting the turntable junction box.  One conduit would have been 115VAC for the heaters and battery charger, the other would be the control circuit used to activate the siren.

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