Chrysler Air Raid Siren - Photograph

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Photograph courtesy of Glen Cleary.  May 16, 2003
Look south at the siren tower.

This siren is located on Phinney Avenue North at the Phinney Neighborhood Association facility (formerly the John B. Allen Elementary School) in Seattle, Washington.  It's the first tower of this iron pipe design that we have seen.  The tower was prefabricated and brought to this location.  The tower is painted green.  The siren is in disrepair and it appears that it has been out of service for many years. 

We spoke with the Association's Executive Director on May 16, 2003, and were very pleased to hear that the Association has recently begun an effort to restore the tower and give the siren a cosmetic make-over.  While the siren itself will not be restored to running condition, it and it's place in local history will be preserved.  This is the first case of preserving a siren in it's original location that we are aware of and we applaud the efforts of the Phinney Neighborhood Association. 

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